About Solarwyse

Who are we?

Solarwyse is a professional solar company. We import our own products and specialize in Residential and Commercial Projects.

Solarwyse is strongly dedicated to environmentally responsible – and sustainable – energy practices. We have a commitment to assist all Sydney, NSW homes and businesses.  Call for your free consultation and let’s get started on your savings.

What is our mission?

Solarwyse is based in Sydney, NSW and aims at providing high quality solar systems at an affordable price to every Australian home and business in NSW”. Solar System provides you the ability to produce energy directly from Sun without any ongoing costs and thereby protecting you from the periodical energy price hike. With a suitable system, you produce enough energy for your daily consumption as well as to get solar credit by sending the unused power to the grid. Solarwyse will help you in choosing the correct system which will generate huge savings for you, your family and business.

Being Energy Wise Pty. Ltd. trading as Solarwyse; ABN: 26 603 015 210

Looking for Work?

Solarwyse is hiring! Please have a look at our jobs page.


  • BY putting SOLAR panels on your roof.
  • And HELP keep the planet green.

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